Covid-19: Diepsloot children still receive support from Afrika Tikkun

    Children who receive support from Afrika Tikkun may no longer be able to visit the centre but the non-profit organisation is still ensuring that they receive food and access to medical care. Photo: Afrika Tikkun

    DIEPSLOOT – Afrika Tikkun is continuing to support the children of Diepsloot and their families in the face of Covid-19, even though its doors have officially closed for now.

    Covid-19 is on everyone’s minds – from schools to universities to almost all businesses as the entire country needs to stay away from their regular routine in the name of public safety. But what does this mean for the most vulnerable among us who rely on support from institutions to survive?

    The Diepsloot branch of Afrika Tikkun, a non-profit organisation that works to develop and uplift youth from underprivileged communities, has had to shut its doors in line with the government’s measures to reduce the spread of the virus. They have not, however, forgotten about the community that needs their support and help though, and so, have set up initiatives to continue to support the children who rely on their Wings of Life centre in Diepsloot, as well as their other five centres across the province, to receive care.

    The Afrika Tikkun Wings of Life centre is located in Diepsloot West and cares for underprivileged children from the informal settlement in a number of ways.  Photo: Afrika Tikkun

    These branches all work towards empowering the youth to receive holistic care, education, health care and also towards supporting families in each community.

    “In all of this chaos, we are seeing the true nature of humanity shine – ubuntu in action,” explained Marc Lubner, the CEO of Afrika Tikkun, to the Fourways Review. “At this moment our centres have closed according to the government’s mandate.

    “We have implemented other measures to support the community such as having access to primary health care for our children who are in our programmes as well as compiling food parcels for them.”

    Diepsloot children who attend the Wings of Life Centre are still receiving help from the organisation, even though the centre itself has closed. Photo: Afrika Tikkun

    At the time of publishing, the organisation had already distributed 705 food parcels to the families that rely on Afrika Tikkun for support. Lubner explained this was in line with the non-profit’s value of responsible kindness, which was much needed at this difficult time.

    It is of utmost importance during this time to unite and positively pay it forward. We [will] work with all authorities in our area including the councillors and related government departments to disseminate information, food hampers and other vital items we may have.”

    Marc Lubner, the CEO of Afrika Tikkun. Photo: Afrika Tikkun

    Donations of sanitiser, soap, basic groceries, immune-boosting products, disinfectants, masks, non-perishable food staples and toilet paper are welcome.

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    By: Robyn Kirk