Councillor appeals for assistance after woman’s house is destroyed in fire

    Ziphorah Dlamini shows the mess caused by a fire at her house. Photo: Ofentse Ditlopo

    IVORY PARK – Councillor Julie Suddaby reaches out to community to help local Ivory Park community member whose house went up in flames.

    Ivory Park Ward 133 shadow councillor Julie Suddaby appeals to community members for assistance.

    This, after a fire damaged a community member’s house on 12 June in Ivory Park.

    Suddaby said when she heard about the tragic circumstances she was driven to try and assist those less fortunate than herself. “I have already taken clothes, blankets and groceries, supplied by myself and donors to Ward 133, to attempt to alleviate, in a some small way, their immediate distress.”

    She also explained the extent of the damages caused by the fire, adding that help would be much appreciated. “The rafters that hold the roof tiles showed signs of flame damage and most of the windows had been shattered.

    “The walls are standing. Many of the roof tiles have been saved. The roof trusses however, in the main room, are not reusable.

    “A structural engineer is needed to ensure the walls are still strong enough to take the weight of a new roof – as well as an electrical compliance officer, to ensure the electrical wiring is not compromised.”

    Suddaby requested winter clothing for the family to be donated as soon as possible considering the current low temperatures. “We also appeal to members of the community to help with bits and pieces of furniture to refurnish their home – once there is a new roof.”

    Ziphora Dlamini explained that she has lost everything in the fire and would appreciate if the community could help her fix the roof. “I’m afraid that the house will get destroyed inside, I think the main thing which needs fixing right now would be the roof. The windows, furniture and other stuff aren’t that important right now. The floor and the walls might fall as the house was flooded not so long ago when it was raining.”

    Dlamini said that she is disappointed as she was about to finish fixing the house.

    Suddaby added that if anyone would like to help, they can contact her on, or 082 457 5972. “As a councillor, I have a permit, and will be able to collect clothing and groceries, even if the lockdown level increases in the short term. Any engineers who want to help, can contact me directly and we can discuss the way forward.”

    Suddaby concluded, “I have the further opportunity to ask the greater Midrand community to also assist and open their hearts and help wherever they find they can. At this time when this family is feeling traumatised and alone, it will warm their hearts to know that there are people who do care and can help.”


    By: Ofentse Ditlopo