Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) together with(SRT) evaluate Diepsloot main road


    The council for scientific and industrial research (CSIR) is a world research and development organization that has launched their research project at Diepsloot main road. This project is meant to evaluate the tar road that has been constructed since last year.

    The project supported by JRA will work on the main road for a period of three months investigating on how the soil where the tar road is constructed in respond to light and heavy vehicles. The process entails using the heavy vehicle simulator (HVS) to help check how the ground respond during this course. There is a potion they selected to do this tests and they drilled three holes round about 3 meter each down wards as the surface of the road can be 1 meter. The 3 meter holes will give them the results that will be sent to the CSIR head office for audit to check if the road can be opened and worthy to be used.

    Mr. Chavani from CSIR confirmed with us that these project is meant to audit the Diepsloot main road for safety of the motorists.“We have computers in our HVS machine which ensure the most cost- effective of the road, and this MDD machine is an equipment that we used for standard and advanced testing on the roads.’’ The CSIR does not only do a research projects on roads but also develop communities by employing residents during the course of their project.

    For more info about the CSIR research project people can contact: 012 841 2922


    Winny Shokane