Community engagement on socio-economic issues


    On the 29 April, Diepsloot organisations, Sonke Gender Justice together with SANCA hosted a community engagement on socio-economic issues

    The aim of the event was to empower and educate the youth and community members with the members also gathering to discuss matters affecting the township. The topics discussed focused on Socio-economic issues whereby a panel of discussion took place and each group had to express their views on how issues surrounding the community affects them. The issues such as Gender-based violence, drug abuse; parental care, Crime, Peer pressure and Domestic violence were being addressed.

    The event was more educational not only to the youth but also to the elders and also mothers on how they are parenting and disciplining their children without corporally punishing them. ‘’At some point when Parents are being too hard on their children, then children actually feel that they are not being loved and appreciated by their Parents not knowing that it is a way of showing a way of discipline,’’ says Jemina Nkoana, an employee at Sonke Gender Justice.

    There were also the discussions regards to drug-related issues where the youth also shared their views on how drugs affect the community in a way that plays an influential role leading to crime.