City power put aside R7 billion to upgrade substations


City power is geared up to tackle the City’s rising electricity demand following an estimated R7 billion project for construction of new substations, refurbishment and upgrade of some.

With the increasing number of population and rapid development in the City coupled with current electricity problems in the country, the City power has plans to improve its capacity to cater for the demand.

The City Power has 270 substations and switching stations. All of them are fully functional except for one that has been decommissioned due to vandalism. The current capacity for the substations and switching stations is approximately 3 000 MW in winter which is the peak period for consumption.

The capacity is expected to grow from 3 000MW to 5 000MW after the project has been completed. This increase will depend on a number of factors which are outside City Power’s control, such as economic factors, spatial planning and many more. Substation performance is also linked to the performance of the individual assets as well as network load demand growth.

Some of the City power substations are undergoing upgrade due to new spatial developments and an increase in electricity demand.

These substations are Sebenza, Cleveland, Heriotdale, Wilropark, Mondeor, Pennyville, Roosevelt, Mulbartonand and Nancefiled are close to completion while others are still being upgraded