City of Tshwane to demolish notorious ‘White House’ drug den in Sunnyside


    The drug and crime hub in the heart of Pretoria’s flat land is finally coming down.

    This after years of watching the dilapidated building named the “White House” in Sunnyside serve as a playground for criminals.

    The City of Tshwane has finally taken a stance against drugs, prostitution and criminals using the area as their safe house.

    Tshwane MMC for Community Safety and Emergency Services, Karen Meyer, said they had decided to demolish the building following numerous complaints from residents and ward councillors in the area.

    She said crime surrounding the area had also steadily increased over the years.

    To add on to the City’s concerns Meyer said their emergency services department had indicated that the building was not safe for occupation.

    She said: “So the City obtained a demolishion order and according to the law, we’re required to give 48 hours notice and we did so.

    “We also erected a sign with the city manager’s office number should anyone require any clarity.”

    “We have to take it down as it is serving as a temporary premises for criminal activity and homeless people.”

    Meyer stressed that the City has continually monitored the area and established that there were no people staying there permanently, hence the City did not seek an eviction order first.

    Despite this people could be seen pulling out all sorts of belongings including mattresses from the building.

    Some people alleginged they had been living at the building for five to seven years and in some cases up to 15 years.

    Source: IOL