City of jorburg invest in youth


    Scores of youngsters attended the recently held Youth Leadership and Empowerment Seminar, geared at motivating them to follow their passion and aim to fulfil their full potential.

    Hosted at the Don Matera Hall in Eldorado Park, the City event was attended by pupils from various High Schools from across the suburb and was addressed by the municipal Chairperson of Gender, Youth, and People living with Disabilities, Cllr Nazley Sharif.

    The seminar focused on the importance of being career driven and urged young people to believe in themselves. “The youth need to identify their passion and stick to it,” said Sharif, adding that young people needed to value themselves and be the change they want to see.
    Pastor Palesa Phara, a young preacher from Ithateng Africa, a local advocacy group said it’s important for young people to recognise their power and appreciate the gift of life.

    “You need to keep shinning in order to be the best in what you do, no matter the situation,” said Pastor Phara.

    A community member, Ipeleng Mokomo offered to teach unemployed attendees the skills of fixing leaking water pipes, cutting grass and replacing a broken window.
    Ntoakie Ramokgadi, a Grade 11 pupil from Willow Crescent High School in extension 3 seemed pleased to have attended the seminar. “I have learned a lot from this seminar. I wish for more of the same programmes from the City so that my peers and I can be inspired to make good choices in life,” said Ramokgadi.

    Sharif said she was passionate about youth empowerment because she didn’t have a mentor growing up.

    She also told attendees about the bursaries and learnerships the City offers to matriculants and encouraged them to visit the municipal website to apply.