City of Johannesburg health worker arrested for fraud: COVID 19 related.


A 28 year old male City of Johannesburg health worker stationed at the Parkhurst Clinic was arrested last night for allegedly selling fake Covid-19 negative test certificates to travelers for R500.

He will appear in the Booysens Magistrates Court on Monday where he will be charged for fraud.

He was closely monitored for over a week and was arrested during a sting operation which was led by the City Executive Mayor, Councillor Jolidee Matongo working with the City’s Group Forensic and Investigation Service (GFIS) department and the Johannesburg Metropolitan Police Department (JMPD).

It is alleged that the suspect sells the fake Covid-19 negative test certificates to people wishing to travel to other countries without conducting the actual test and taking blood samples.  All you need to do is send him your identity number, after a day or two you will receive a message from the laboratory indicating that you tested negative for Covid-19.  He will then give you the certificate which he charges R500.

Preliminary investigations have revealed that the suspect is not working alone.  More suspects are expected to be arrested as the investigation is ongoing.

Cllr Matongo said, “It’s quite unfortunate, we don’t need such people in our system.  We would like to encourage our staff not to engage in such corrupt activities because it compromises the whole country.  Imagine someone who has contracted Covid and they are given a certificate which says they are negative.  That person will infect many people and some may succumb to the virus,”

“We hope that law enforcement agencies will send the suspect to prison for a long time, we need to set an example and send a strong message to people who are doing this.  If the laws of this country have to be changed to deal with such let us do that,” he added.

Officials who are found to be stealing from the City or engaged in corrupt activities will be dealt with in a harshest way possible.

The City has zero tolerance for fraud and corruption. 

Corruption has no place in the City.  The City will work tirelessly, and in collaboration with institutions within the criminal justice system to ensure that the residents of Johannesburg receive the quality services they deserve.

The City would like to encourage people to report any fraud and corruption activities through our 24hour tipoff hotline 0800 002 587 or visit the offices of GFIS situated at 48 Ameshoff Street, Braamfontein.


For further information contact:

Lucky Sindane


Group Forensic and Investigation Service

Cell: 065 865 0696


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