City of Joburg to expedite issuing of driver’s licence cards


    The City of Johannesburg promises people to expedite the issuing of driver’s licence cards.

    The City of Johannesburg has announced on Tuesday (5 February) that it will speed up the process of issuing driver’s licence cards. The Gauteng Department of Transport has assisted the City to resolve the backlog in applications made at Johannesburg Licensing Centres.

    It had been reported that the Department of Transport’s Driving Licence Card Account (DLCA) still had a backlog of applications to process after the resolution of a protracted strike in December 2018.

    The City said it will now take at least seven days to issue outstanding driver’s licence cards for Joburg motorists who had applied between July and August 2018. Applicants only need to re-submit eye tests free of charge and update their details. After this process, the licensing centre will ensure that their cards are ready for collection.

    “We apologise for the frustration and the inconvenience of requesting applicants to re-submit eyesight tests. Our officials at the Johannesburg Centres will do their best to assist customers in the delivery of those long outstanding driving licences,” said  MMC for Public Safety, Michael Sun.

    The City said applicants will not pay any additional costs or eye test reports and added that priority desks will be set up in all licensing centres so that qualifying applicants will not have to wait in long queues.

    “Our commitment is to ensure that licensing centres are stepped up,” added Sun.