City of joburg in final stages of insourcing security guards and cleaners


    The Executive Mayor of City of Johannesburg Herman Mashaba announced the City was finalising the insourcing of security guards and cleaning services.

    “In 2018, 2 800 security guards from the various departments in the City of Johannesburg were insourced. In this process the City of Johannesburg was able to increase their take-home pay by a minimum of 50 per cent while offering employees benefits, stable employment and containing the City’s escalating security costs,” said Mashaba.

    Mashaba said the finalisation of this programme would put an end to profit margins enjoyed by politically connected security companies.

    “Previously companies were paid R12 000 for each guard provided while the guards received a meagre R4 000 per month.”

    He added that City was similarly concluding its assessment of cleaning services and is readying itself to proceed on the insourcing of cleaners.

    “The same principle is being applied to this phase, which ensures a better take-home pay, employment benefits and containing the costs of escalating contractual services for ratepayers.