Check out the new Taxi R2 coin in circulation


    The South African Reserve Bank (SARB) has launched a new R2 coin with a South African minibus taxi on it. This is part of the commemorative coins in circulation that honor the South African Constitution for enhancing the country’s basic human rights since 1996.

    The SA Reserve Bank’s subsidiary, the Sa Mint released the coins under the theme “Freedom of Movement and Residence”. The coin is part of a larger series that features five commemorative R2 circulation coins, a commemorative R5 coin and three collectible coins in gold, silver and bronze alloy.

    The SA Mint said in a statement: “The year 2019 marks a monumental 25 years of constitutional democracy for the nation of South Africa. To reinvigorate national pride, the South African Mint together with the South African Reserve Bank, developed six new commemorative circulation coins. South Africans were consulted on their interpretation of democracy and freedom and shared the symbols that they associated with these values. Taking this into account, a Commemorative Coin Range has been developed, giving everyone an opportunity to reflect on our diverse identity as a country.”

    According to the SA Reserve Bank, the latest release under the theme of the right to freedom of movement and residence was a reminder of the heavy restrictions on movement and residence as the apartheid government enforced its policies to separate people who were categorized along racial lines.

    Graffiti and tattoo artist Rasty Knayles designed the coin with the right to freedom of movement symbolized by a plane, a bird holding a key, and a minibus taxi on the reverse (tails) of the coin. The heads (the obverse) side of the coin features the national coat of arms, the date of issue, “2019”, and the words “South Africa” written in English, and “Afrika-Dzonga” in Xitsonga.

    “Citing this as his most significant and challenging work as an artist, Rasty Knayles endeavored to illustrate how free we are to explore our beautiful country. The emblems on this coin all portray the freedom 25 years of constitutional democracy has given us access to,” said the SA Mint in a statement.

    The minibus taxi used by millions of South Africans and the passenger plane highlight economic activity as well as movement. This coin is the fourth in the series and will be phased into circulation. The new SA25 commemorative circulation and collectible coins also honor the vision of the architects of the Constitution.