Caxton Cares donates to Wheel Well


The Caxton Cares initiative gave back by supporting child road safety organisation Wheel Well.

Caxton Local Media Joburg North and Auto dealer, under the umbrella of Caxton Cares, gave a special donation to assist child road safety advocacy group Wheel Well on 23 January.

The donation concludes Auto dealer’s three-month road safety campaign that ran from June to August last year in which they placed an emphasis on distracted driving.

The donation was made to assist the organisation’s tireless work in raising awareness about child road safety. Peggie Mars from Wheel Well said, “We are a non-profit organisation that focuses exclusively on road safety for children, who are the most vulnerable on our roads with about eight children dying a day.

“We want to create projects and find ways to keep our children safe.”

Editor for the Auto dealer, Sean Nurse, said, “For a couple of years we’ve had a close involvement with Wheel Well. It is an organisation that fits our brand and goals with our beliefs in road safety. The donation made complete sense.”

The donation of R5 311.65 was handed to Wheel Well when Caxton Local Media Joburg North paid a visit to the organisation’s office at Ferndale On Republic in Randburg.

The business manager of Caxton Local Media’s Joburg North Branch, Norman Dawe, said, “Auto dealer chose Wheel Well as the recipient of this funding because they need it to promote the safety of children… They do such a fantastic job in promoting child safety but also in assisting people who can’t afford it.”

He added, “We hoped we can help in some small way because for any child we can assist in saving is just exactly what we want. It’s extremely important to save our children.”