Boxing away gender violence ALEXANDRA – Make Alex place to live and not die – heavyweight boxer.


    A former heavyweight boxer is adding his weight to Alex men’s campaign against gender-based violence ravaging the township.

    Induna Zwelijikile Sokhela aka Nginoyi Shaka Sokhela of Nobuhle Hostel had his life tested through the sport which had him rub shoulders with some of the best in the country’s best in this division – Gerrie Coetzee, Ron Ellis, Lewi Hendricks and Greg Page. This in addition to astute managers Norman Hlabane and Rodney Berman.

    Sokhela commended the men’s group led by Takuwani Riime Foundation in its campaign against gender-based violence. “I want to add value to the platform through my boxing experience by training young, aspiring and talented boys in order to keep them off the street, out of mischief and crime.

    “They get into trouble and violence when they are bored and forced to hang out in the streets. “They should be kept busy and exposed to talents they can apply to help them exit poverty while also remaining physically and mentally fit for employment and other positive means of livelihood. ”In nostalgic reference, he said boxing will give them discipline, teach them responsibility and help them desist from drugs as it requires a high level of physical and mental fitness which should be acquired through professional guidance. “Those talented in the sport need to be mentored while others are encouraged to spend time in libraries to enhance their literacy rather than be in the streets.”

    Sokhela said he would then use the sport platform to take those under his wings to also participate in the group’s activities in order to change their attitude about life and negative intersex relations which result in the high level of rape and killings reported weekly and attributed mainly to them.

    “We men need to change, make Alex a place to live and not to die, respect and compliment police officers in their role of keeping peace rather than trying to endear ourselves to them through bribery in order to conceal our criminal activities.”

    Sokhela is appealing for support to establish a boxing club where he will inculcate discipline and expose boys and youth to their dormant talent and enable them to be positive masculine figures who are real and caring men. He needs a confined space, boxing kits – punching bags, gloves and training equipment – weights.

    Details: Zwelijikile Sokhela 074 906 5536.