Booze ordered via apps new trend

Brown ice cold beer bottles with water drops and old opener

If you’ve been too lazy to go to the nearest bar for an ice-cold beer or worried that the closest tavern doesn’t have the finest whisky according to your taste, worry no more as booze-on- delivery apps come to your rescue.

Imagine you were drinking at home with friends, then you run out of booze early and no one is sober enough to drive out to get more drinks. It is a huge inconvenience but worries no more.

All you need now is your phone and an app, and then you can place an order.

Bottles is one of the popular apps in the local market. Co-founder Vincent Viviers recalls how the idea for the app came about.

“Towards the beginning of 2015, we were at a braai in Durban with friends, and as fortune would have it, we ran out of drinks,” Viviers says.

“Since we had all been drinking, we could not drive to a bottle store, it was late and the stores were closing shortly. So we went ‘Imagine if there was an app that delivered drinks to your door in this time of need’.”

Bottles trades from 10 am till 8 pm every day and only over 18s are allowed to use the app.

Viviers said they receive about 10,000 orders per month, with Gauteng being their busiest market, especially on weekends.

“Consistently delivering on our promise of 60 minutes is always a challenge but one that we welcome and tackle every day with every order.” BottleShop is another app trading in liquor, but it specialises on premium to rare brands.

Marketing manager Haley McCauley said the market had been rapidly growing.

“We receive a lot of orders every day, we have realised that we have 8,000 to 10, 000 regular customers placing orders annually,” McCauley said.

She said among the most expensive bottles they sell is Glenfarclas 60-Year-Old whisky valued at R360,000.

However, she said ordering expensive imports delays the delivery process and one is expected to wait at least seven days to receive their order, but the wait is shorter for common products depending on your location.

Other liquor apps include Quench, Mr D Food where Checkers Liquor is registered, as well as Stock Up.