Become an ’emotional paramedic’ and provide help to people in distress


The course enables volunteers to generate income while simultaneously making a difference in their communities.

LifeLine Johannesburg invites volunteers to their annual counselling course with prospects of possible employment opportunities within the life-saving organisation.

An intensive four-month training course is the core requirement to prepare volunteers to become LifeLine counsellors and community workers.

The course is an exciting and challenging process with experiential and skills-based learning taking place in small groups, facilitated by experienced LifeLine facilitators.

According to Nicole Imerman, Lifeline Connect counselling services manager, the first 12 sessions of Module 1 are dedicated to personal growth and self-awareness.

Trainees are encouraged to explore themselves in a deep and meaningful way and she said this was because LifeLine believed that to enter someone else’s world, the counsellor must first know about his or her own world.

“LifeLine’s ethos encompasses the core principles of Carl Roger’s person-centred approach – embracing the foundational values of respect, non-judgment and personal responsibility,” she said.

“This together with LifeLine’s ethos of confidentiality and safety creates a dynamic and potentially life-changing experience for attendees.”

She said LifeLine had a 50-year track history of providing crisis and trauma counselling and training to the community.

If you would like to increase your self-awareness, enrich your communication and listening skills, improve your relationships and ultimately, serve your community – the LifeLine Personal Growth and Counselling Skills course is for you, she added.

The remaining 10 sessions in Module 2 focus on learning specific counselling and interpersonal communication skills.

These skills are beneficial in any social and work environment, encouraging growth as an individual.

“Successful completion of both modules offers trainees the opportunity to apply for a LifeLine counselling internship where further training and mentoring are provided,” Imerman added.

“Once qualified, LifeLine Connect counselling volunteers are equipped to provide support to people in distress and fulfil the valuable role of emotional paramedics in our community.”

An information session for the February course will be held on 30 January or 6 February starting at 9 am to 12 midday or 7 pm to 10 pm at the Norwood offices.

Details: LifeLine Johannesburg

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