Armsta to clamp down on erring Avanza drivers


ALEXANDRA – Armsta has had enough with errant drivers.

Taxi drivers operating in Alexandra were admonished and told to take their jobs seriously in their own and commuters’ interest.

“We have problems particularly with drivers of Toyota Avanza taxis who tend to mix business with pleasure, with some seen consuming alcohol, and hopping in and out of taverns and parties while on duty,” said Motlanalo Tsebe, public relations officer for Alexandra Randburg Midrand and Sandton Taxi Association.

“We know it’s the festive season and we will get more of such complaints about drivers seen holding beer bottles which they shouldn’t have while on duty. We spent a fortune buying more patrol cars to monitor the situation and ensure all members’ vehicles are registered and identifiable through stickers.”

Toyota Avanza taxi drivers are under Armsta’s radar. Photo: Leseho Manala

Tsebe added that those found without the stickers would be impounded and fined, and he advised commuters who were unhappy with a driver or vehicle to contact the office on 010 110 0190.

“We are also considering a 24-hour toll free number to enhance reporting and as part of our professional development.”

Tsebe also urged for closer collaboration with the police who he asked to contact the association on all cases of indiscretion involving the taxi drivers so that they too could take corrective measures.

By Leseho Manala