ANC Turns a Blind-eye to Land Invasions in Zandspruit


    On the 10th of June 2020 women leaders from Zandspruit took to the streets to protest against the recent spate of land invasions.  Women took it upon themselves to march and submit a memorandum to the Executive Mayor which called for the ANC-led government in Joburg to put an end to the land invasions and protect the vulnerable.  To date the Mayor and the City have not responded to these concerns. 

     Despite the Mayor’s vows to clamp down on illegal invasions, the situation in Zandspruit has rapidly deteriorated as the lack of law enforcement has left residents exposed to illegal activities. The Democratic Alliance (DA) receives daily complaints from residents who allege that their grievances receive no attention from JMPD and the ANC Ward Councillor.

     One of the worst hit areas is Extension 84 next to Marine Drive in Zandspruit. This land was earmarked for development but it has now been illegally occupied by South Africans and Foreign Nationals alike.  

     At forefront of the struggle to maintain law and order, and to protect livelihoods of Zandspruit community, are strong-willed women who have taken the fight right to the Mayor’s door. Yet their plight has been ignored by Mayor Makhubo at the expense of their safety.

     Many of these women are now being threatened because of their fight against invasions. 

    They do not feel safe in their own homes, where they are to remain during lockdown. 

     I am deeply moved by the courage of these women in the face of constant harassment and threats. I too have borne witness to the illegal invasions and have also been subjected to intimidation.

     Communities have been left to fend for themselves against organised criminals. I am appalled by the City and Mayor’s failure to intervene. It is clear that the situation is ripe for conflict and confrontation to arise.

     We call on the ANC to act immediately to resolve the untenable situation. We are requesting the urgent deployment of additional JMPD officers to be stationed and patrol the area. 

     The DA believes in the rule of law and that every voice must be heard. We will continue to fight side-by-side with poor communities for their dignity to be restored.

    Media Enquiries:

    DA Ward 114 PR Cllr Belinda Kayser-Echeozonjoku 

    Mobile: 084 970 0509 



    DA CoJ Caucus Spokesperson Cllr Dalu Cele

    Mobile: 073 446 8653


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