Amazing talent and skills by the DRIP Footwear founder.


Lekau Sehoana is 32-years old. He is from Ivory Park (Tembisa) and founded Drip Footwear in February 2020 in a room as small as a bedroom, with no car or employees. 8 months later he has 44 workers, 4 delivery, cars, 6 retail stores, and a new warehouse. This is a definition of “The Township Dream”. ❤️Photo: @KasiEconomy (Twitter)

DRIP Sneakers – The Township Dream

Drip Sneakers is one of the success stories South African townships have produced. From No-Shoes to building a fast-growing sneaker business in the competitive market of South Africa. Lekau Sehoana – “The Township Dreamer”, is a living proof that circumstances never determines one’s success in life – DREAMS do.

Drip is a fast-growing brand that produces well designed, attractive sneakers targetted at young people. It was founded in 2003 by Lekau Sehoana, a young leader from Ivory Park, Tembisa.

Sehoana started the business with nothing but recycled materials. His first shoe was created from a torn Adidas sneaker and redesigned it using Denims and Polyurethane.

His goal was to get out of poverty, not knowing his entrepreneurial journey is just getting started. 17 years later of making shoes, DRIP has its own offices and employees selling over 3000 sneakers in 6 months.

Buy Drip Sneakers & Pricing

Drip recently opened its store in the Mall of Tembisa (Johannesburg) and Masingita Mall (Giyani). This adds to the growth of the business that previously operated mostly online and two other locations:

  1. Pretoria CBD 012 Central
  2. Joburg Newtown Junction

It’s also reported they’ll opening yet another store in Polokwane, Mall of the North.

The Drip footwears are selling from R700 to R1,000.00 depending on the type and color variations you like to purchase.

Visit any of the above-mentioned stores to purchase the sneakers.

Alternatively, you can still order your Drip sneaker online by visiting and clicking the shop menu tab.

Make payment and wait for your delivery. Free deliveries for orders around Ekhuruleni municipality.

Alternatively, you could order by email ( or cellphone (067 274 6170).

Want to know the best part?

Drip Footwear Recycling

Because Sehoana built the business on the basis of recycled materials, he wouldn’t want to lose its main element that started the business.

Drip buys back old sneakers when they begin to tear and unwearable.

The company gives way school shoes to young people that are from unprivileged family backgrounds, who were like Lekau 17 years ago.