FILE: A voter placing her marked ballots into the local and national ballot boxes on 8 May 2019. Picture: EWN

    By-elections are being held across the country on what the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) has dubbed Super Wednesday.

    CAPE TOWN – The IEC said that it was ready for more than 600,000 eligible voters to cast their ballots in 95 by-elections on Wednesday and that precautions had been taken for COVID-19.

    By-elections are being held across the country on what the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) has dubbed Super Wednesday.

    This is in 95 by-elections in 55 municipalities across all nine provinces.

    The electoral commission has briefed the media about its readiness for the elections.

    The electoral commission said that the by-elections were being contested by 40 political parties with a total of 444 candidates certified.

    This included 19 independent candidates.

    Chief electoral officer, Sy Mamabolo, said that a total of 609,133 voters were on the certified voters’ rolls for the various by-elections.

    He said that the commission was prepared for the elections: “The electoral commission is confident that all logistical human resources and preparations are in place to ensure free, fair elections on Wednesday.”

    Mamabolo said that all health protocols, including social distancing, would be observed.

    It will now be up to South Africans in the various councils to make a choice in what will be considered a litmus test for the local government elections next year.

    By: Babalo Ndenze

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