#AlexTotalShutdown is underway


On Wednesday morning, community members barricaded serval roads in and around the township with burning tyres and rocks.

Protesting Alexandra residents demanding better service delivery say they feel that the government has forgotten about them.

Schools and shops are closed and there is no public transport for those who want to go to work.

Leaders of the #AlexTotalShutdown have apologised to the township’s residents who could not go to work due to the protest but maintained that the shutdown was necessary. Concerned community member, Sandile Mavundla urged residents of Alexandra to intensify their campaign but remain peaceful.

“We apologise to those of you who could not go to work because of the shutdown. However, we are not going to stop our fight for better service delivery, instead, we will continue until this arrogant municipality listens to us. We are tired of being a Mandela Day project and voters who do not benefit from the government” he said

Residents said that they were angry and hoped the shutdown of Alexandra would serve as a wake-up call to government.

One woman said that there were no new developments in the area compared to other Gauteng townships.

“Government has forgotten about us, it’s like a dead place here. Everything needs to be fixed.”