ALEXANDRA – Young creatives position themselves for better things to come.


    Young entrepreneurs in Alex are tagging onto the Alexandra Museum precinct to promote their budding business ventures.

    They regard the facility’s information and knowledge dissemination role as a platform around which they can market their wares to tourists, reduce youth unemployment and retain the local economy.

    Although the facility which opened to the public last year is still pending an official ceremony, the youth are using it as a base for a bigger market with appropriate ambience for an anticipated thriving business environment when well-established tour companies start unleashing hordes of tourists to the area.

    They have secured themselves lockable stalls and linger around the spot daily cementing their presence for a future they anticipate will be bright for their business.

    One of the entrepreneurs said, “Tourist’s thirst for knowledge goes beyond perusing documents to engaging with aspects daily lives of people like dressing, food and entertainment in order to gain a holistic understanding of their hosts.”

    She said they want to be found ready to enthrall and make tourists their ambassadors to others, further exposing and expanding Alex’s business market and widening its circle of friends.