Alexandra police launch a manhunt after a man was killed in 4th avenue


    The police have launched a manhunt after a 30-year-old man was killed by unknown suspects in what is alleged to be an act of revenge on 30 September on 4th Avenue.

    According to Captain Stephen Malatjie of Alexandra Police Station, the suspects who knew where the younger brother of the deceased man stayed came to his house and demanded that he take them where his brother (the deceased) was hiding. On their arrival on the scene, the suspects wasted no time as they allegedly assaulted and killed the victim with a sharp object.

    Malatjie said the brother of the deceased told the police that when the suspects arrived where his brother was, one of the suspects just said ‘This is what you did to my brother’ and assaulted him to death.

    The police have urged the community members with an information to that can lead to the arrest of the suspect who was still at large to contact Alexandra police on

    Details: 011 321 7621.