Alexandra 8th Avenue Clinic receives a thumbs up from the premier


Makhura said the 8th Avenue clinic will receive additional nurses in February.

The premier of Gauteng David Makhura paid a surprise visit to the Alexandra Clinic in 8th Avenue as part of his campaign to ensure that communities receive the services they deserve from government service centres.

On his arrival, Makhura spoke to members of the community who said they have been at the facility as early as 5 pm to catch the front seat of the queue but have not been attended to by nurses. He was told that nurses were in the meeting and no-one had been serviced.

“This was one of my unannounced visit to the service centre as I often do it with our service delivery centres like schools, police station and hospitals across the province. On my arrival, I was told by residents that the nurses were having a meeting and no one was attending to their needs,” he said

“I then met with the centre’s operation manager sister Mabena who explained to me that nurses had a research feedback session that they had to attend before starting their duties. I was happy with that explanation from the operations manager who also told me that not all nurses were in the meeting some were attending to patients.