Alex residents pick up the pieces following blaze


    Residents of Alexandra continue to mend their homes after at least 500 shacks were gutted by a blaze which engulfed the populated area last week Thursday.

    As the rain poured harshly, residents on London Road could be seen picking up their items and attempting to restructure their homes.

    Marshall Moyo, father of two who has stayed at the informal settlement for a year and a half said he did not know where or how he would begin to pick up the pieces of his life.

    “We only see things like this TV but I never thought it could happen to me. Right now we have lost everything including our Christmas clothes and grocery but I am just grateful that we still alive. And us still being alive proves that God has a plan for us,” said the distraught 35-year-old.

    His 15-year-old daughter said she had not come to terms with what had happened and what certainly not looking forward to the festive season. We have no lights and as you can see our home is crowded because we are safeguarding our neighbor’s belongings. My brother, aged eight is now ill because the roof is partially off and there is nothing we can do. It is an extremely sad position to be in. We are just fortunate that we managed to get out of the shack before it caught fire but there is nothing we can do.”