Alex police’s gift to remember


    Alex children extend police’s Valentine celebrations.

    Officials at the Alexandra Police Station will forever remember Valentine’s day 2019 through the selfless act of children of a local crèche.

    A day after the celebration, 20 neatly dressed and behaved children from Boitumelong Crèche on 6th Avenue alighted in high spirits from two mini-buses at the front door of the charge office. Their characteristic noise left the few people milling around perplexed, seemingly wondering if each of them or the collective had come to report a crime or emulate their elders’ usual toyi-toyi. The anxiety was allayed when they carried out a cake and framed certificate and huddled on the steps to the station as their teachers gave them instructions.

    “They have come a day after Valentine celebrations to wish the officers well, thank and appreciate them for their hard and difficult work of protecting us day and night,” principal Lunga Ncube said as they posed for pictures with officers and handed the certificate of appreciation to Colonel Johannes Tau.

    “Its a token of appreciation of the good work done by all civil servants who cared for us and the country in 2018 through arrests and by ensuring justice for all who were offended.”

    Ncube said the officers responded on time when the school reported a complaint. Tau was left wondering how and who would get or miss a piece of the creamy and appetising cake. Tough luck to the unlucky ones.