Alex councillors’ plans revealed


    Insight into your councilor’s ward development priorities.

    The Joburg City Council’s Region E conducted public meetings for residents to review and contribute to their wards’ integrated development plans for next year.

    The plans are expressed through the following development objectives contained in the councilors’ booklet for the period 2016 to 2021.

    Objectives for Ward 75 councilor Sannie Mabona are to:

    • Pave, landscape, and create parking bays for backyard residents
    • Repair potholes, damaged roads, and erect speed humps
    • Remove waste in informal settlements
    • Rebuild and complete Ext 31 flats
    • Implement the M1 hostel precinct project.

    Ward 76 Councillor Moses Pandeka’s objectives are to:

    • Identify and attract capital investment for viable short and medium-term economic opportunities for residents
    • Educate them on how to operate and manage their own businesses.

    Ward 81 Councillor Irene Rugheimer’s intentions are to:

    • Repair and maintain stormwater drains and road infrastructure
    • Stop soil erosion along the Jukskei river
    • Resolve billing problems
    • Enforce by-laws
    • Upgrade parks
    • Revitalize economic development in Kew.

    Councillor Jeffrey Pietersen of Ward 91’s objectives are to:

    • Draft an accurate list of indigent residents
    • Resolve billing backlogs
    • Ensure active by-law enforcement
    • Partner the business sector on service delivery
    • Improve residents’ participation in the ward’s affairs
    • Stabilize the supply of electricity
    • Minimize disruptions during the construction of the Bus Rapid Transport (BRT) network.

    Objectives for Councillor Teffo Raphadu’s of Ward 105 are to:

    • End housing disputes in Ext 9 and 10
    • Improve response times on reported service delivery breakdowns
    • Ensure close collaboration with the Community Police Forum on crime
    • Minimize accidents through traffic calming measures.

    Objectives for Councillor Ambe Maseko of Ward 107 are to:

    • Accelerate the delivery of Joburg 2040 strategy
    • Improve residents’ living conditions
    • Improve residents’ participation in ward affairs.

    Councillor Deborah Francisco of Ward 108’s objectives are:

    • Develop disused Marlboro industrial buildings into mixed residential housing and create jobs
    • Identify viable short and medium-term economic opportunities for youth, the disabled and women
    • Encourage residents to establish businesses
    • Identify strategic partners in problem-solving and for investment.

    Councillor Werner Smit of 109’s objectives are to:

    • Revive Marlboro industries
    • Improve services to informal settlements and transit camps
    • Rehabilitate the Jukskei river
    • Improve waste management through recycling projects
    • Improve services and amenities.

    Objectives for Councillor Adolph Marema of Ward 116 are to:

    • Ensure all houses have electricity
    • Stop water leaks and resolve water shortages
    • Cut and prune all problems trees
    • Install speed humps on roads to reduce accidents.

    Hopefully, the residents will use the foregoing to monitor their public representatives’ performance on service delivery.