Criminals have targeted Alexandra police station, stealing computers, official police jackets and even stripped the station kitchen of its cups and kettle.

Police confirmed that one man has been arrested following the incident, but according to one officer who works at the station, there are other officers who collaborate with local criminals.

The officer, who wished not to be named, said the thugs broke into the detectives’ office and stole 10 computers, before also stripping the support unit office of its monitors.

The thugs didn’t stop there; they went into the kitchen and stole kitchen utensils. 

“They took cups and a kettle from the kitchen,” he said.

Outside the police station, they targeted a community police forum (CPF) office where they stole a computer and 18 chairs.

“They then damaged the air-conditioning machine after breaking the door,” said the officer.

“They also stole two brand new reflector jackets which were supposed to be given to the patrollers at the Alex Plaza where there is a kiosk station.”

Stolen police uniforms are a major cause for concern as criminals can use them to pose as officers.

Multiple sources at the station claimed that this was not the first time Alex police station has been burgled.

“There have been such incidents before where a firearm registration office was robbed of its computers,” said the officer.

Gauteng provincial police spokesperson Lieutenant Colonel Brenda Muridili confirmed that one individual has so far been arrested for burglary.

“We have arrested a suspect for burglary in one of the offices and the detectives are still investigating the cases,” Muridili said.

“Since the incident, the station has been upgrading the security of the premises,” she explained.

Alexandra CPF chairman Chris Mabunda told Scrolla.Africa that levels of crime in the township are so high that many officers don’t want to work there in fear of their lives.

Many have transferred to work in other communities where they feel safer than in Alex.

Mabunda added that the high crime in the township has also been attributed to the high influx of people seeking better lives in Johannesburg.

By: Everson Luhanga


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