Act House of Education embraces digital classroom amid lockdown

    Principal of Act House of Education Anny Breedt. Photo: Supplied

    GLEN AUSTIN – The Acts House of Education is a Google school ready to help their students with learning during the coronavirus lockdown.

    The Acts House of Education has given their learners an edge with Google classroom programmes during the coronavirus lockdown.

    School marketing consultant Zeenath Sathiah said, “At the start of 2020, Acts House of Education in Glen Austin rolled out an EdTech programme in conjunction with Stem (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics), to promote programming and robotics as part of the school curriculum. Little did the school know that this small step will enable them to soon roll out a fully digital platform for formal schooling, due to the Covid-19 crisis.

    Principal of the school Anny Breedt said the school leadership had said that the addition of digital platforms was viewed by the leaders of school as a doorway for opportunity during the lockdown. “As a Google School, we are fully equipped to continue school uninterrupted.”

    Though the school planned to set up electronic platforms for learning over a three-year period, they managed to activate it in three weeks. Breedt said, “We have an incredibly dynamic and positive team, and our teachers embraced the challenge with excitement.”

    The online platform, Teach from Home, is a hub to assist teachers with engaging with their students from home and giving them tools to video call, set up classes, have one-on-one meetings and live-stream, among other things.

    Breedt added that the online platform will increase reading levels, promote problem-solving, refine research ability and stimulate self-discipline. All learners from Grade R to 12 are registered with Google classroom and ready to start term two on 20 April 2020.


    By: Andrei van Wyk