A Toyota Avanza has burned down in Cosmo City ext 0 between Tennessee ave and Georgia Cresent.


    It’s not clear as yet to what caused the fire that led to an explosion of a minibus/Toyota Avanza on the 30th Aug 2019 in Cosmo City, an eye witness who didn’t want his name to be mentioned spoke to TownshipNews saying the fire started small and it exploded afterwards while the driver was inside. 

    The driver of the Avanza said he is very lucky to have survived the explosion, and that there were no passengers on board at the time of this incident, as for the kids he was about to go pick up, he thanked God for protecting them. He said he was making his rounds as usual, from the Cosmo City mall to drop people and was going to Meridian School to pick up Kids. He was unharmed.


    Adolph Mokonyama reporting for TownshipNews

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