A 17 years pupil stabbed to death

March 11 2019 Thato Matlala, 17, was stabbed to death in a suspected gang-related violence involving pupils. Matlala was doing grade 12 at Ncheleleng Secondary School in Hwibi village, Ga-Matlala, west of Polokwane. PHOTO: ALBUM PICTURE

Another Limpopo pupil has become a victim of gang-related violence.

Thato Matlala died on Sunday morning after he was stabbed during an attack by members of a gang, who are also pupils. The 17-year-old boy from Hwibi village at GaMatlala was stabbed on the right shoulder. He bled profusely before he died.

After the stabbing incident, residents made a citizen’s arrest and called the police.

It reported that the boy left home at around 8pm on Saturday to watch soccer on TV with his friends. Thato’s friends said that a group of gang members known to the community as “Corruption” had been chasing after them until they caught up with Thato and stabbed him.

Community leader Johannes Monkoe said the group of youngsters had been terrorising the community. He, however, commended residents for not taking the law into their own hands.

Three weeks ago, a group of pupils brutally attacked Thorisho Themane in Flora Park, a suburb of Polokwane.