28 SHACKS CAUGHT FIRE ON WEDNESDAY 18 JUNE IN Zandspruit North of Johannesburg.


    EMS and Disaster Management were deployed in Zandspruit after a fire broke out in the area, no injuries were reported, it’s been reported that the cause of the fire was a gas that was leaking.

    Residents of Zandspruit who were left destitute after their shacks were burned down, they have been receiving much-needed help from neighbouring communities.

    Ward 100 PR Cllr Karabo Ndini together with ward 114 secretary Gift Mkasi donated some clothes and doors to the community. PR Cllr Ndini said, “25 years after Democracy people still don’t have basic needs like electricity and houses, the government must give people land and proper housing to avoid these situations”.

    Democratic Alliance PR Cllr in ward 114 Belinda Echeozonjoku said ” it is so unfortunate that so many people were affected, however, I am thankful that no one lost their life” Echeozonjoku rallied to assist those who had lost everything and handed out food parcels and clothes to the victims.

    Following the disastrous fire which destroyed 28 shacks, PR Cllr Karabo Ndini said they are still assisting victims who lost their IDs and Birth Certificates by taking them to Home Affairs to re-apply new ones.

    While on other side PR Cllr Belinda Echeozonjoku is appealing to anyone to assist with building materials or contact her on 084 970 0509, more donations are still expected, Echeozonjoku added that “as DA-led multiparty government, we are committed to addressing the many backlogs in the city left by former administration, thereby advancing Diphetogo to all the forgotten communities including Zandspruit.

    Adolph Mokonyama reporting for TownshipNews