Afrika Tikkun, exist to develop young people from cradle to career with three main programmes, the Early Childhood Development program which is for young people from the ages 3 to 6, we concentrate on the overall wellbeing of a child and ensure that they are school ready at the end of their ECD career, the second program is for young people who are in primary school and high school, the Child and Youth Development program, we run after school programs helping young people with academics, life skills, financial skills, entrepreneurship, sports and arts and culture, also concentrating on their overall wellbeing, lastly we have the Career Development and Placement Program, which gives young people work-readiness skills, computer skills and the opportunity to do their driver’s license, after the young people complete the 4 months program, we place them at entry level employment in partnership with our sponsors, this program is for young people between the ages 18 and 29. We also offer the 360 Program for all young people and their families, where we offer nutrition to young people and their families, we offer social work services,  health care, empowerment to people with disabilities, and also ensure the overall wellbeing of young people and their families.

    This year alone we have 256 young people in our ECD program, 450 young people in CYD program, 120 graduates in CDP program and have placed 80% of the graduates in entry level jobs and have over 90 young people who got their Driver’s licenses.We go into the community to recruit young people, also rely on word of mouth and community media to ensure young people know about us. We have a good relationship with the community and also look at building strong relationships with local schools. Our big outrageous goal as Afrika Tikkun is to end child hunger and youth unemployment in the community we exist in.

    This year we have seen great success as the Wings of Life Centre (Diepsloot), we have 100 ECD graduates who will go to Grade 1 next year, we have seen young people in CYD excel at their schools, also winning awards for best under 16 netball team, best Debate team, best speech at our annual Afrika Tikkun competitions. we also have Khutso Ngwepe flew to Germany to represent Wings of Life, Tumelo Ndwandwe and Fortunate Baloyi went to London. We also saw 80% of our CDP young people enter employment and succeeding in their jobs, also saw 90 young people get their Driver’s licenses.