100 female Grade 11s receive learners licenses


    Lead me as I lead you, Project Co-ordinator Langa Terrence Hlatywayo says the program is aimed at helping girls achieve their independence.

    The Letsibogo High School in Meadowlands, Soweto, has held a graduation ceremony with a difference. As part of the Learners and Drivers Licence Legacy project, 100 female Grade 11s, between the ages of 16-18 from this school received their leaner licenses and are preparing to start taking driving lessons.

    The project is run in collaboration with multiple partners including Phumelela Gaming and Leisure.

    Lead me as I lead you Project Co-ordinator, Langa Terrence Hlatywayo, says the program is aimed at helping girls achieve their independence.

    “What we want to achieve from this project is that by the time they get to grade 12, they would have acquired their learners and drivers license so that they are able to then enter the job and employment market and also the entrepreneurship market knowing that they can independently stand for themselves.

    But the bigger picture of this program is to deal with issues of teenage suicide because most of them you find that they don’t do well when they get to grade 12 and the person now is hopeless and thinks life has come to an end for them. But if you have a learner or driver’s license, it is able to push you to then say I have an opportunity to change my life.

    So the plan here is to ensure that all these 100 female learners are able to stand up for themselves so they don’t have to depend on men to push for them or any other person, but for them to take the initiative,” says Hlatywayo.

    Speaking to SABC News, Hlatywayo was accompanied by two Letsibogo High School pupils who graduated on Saturday. Katlego Dlamini and Leswinene Rivombo say they are excited about their achievements and look forward to the future.

    Source: sabcnews