10 smart ways to save on commuter costs


    The recent petrol hike has many commuters worried about the rising cost of transport.

    • Consider carpooling. If you’re feeling the pinch, you can be sure that your colleagues and friends are just as concerned about the effect of transport costs on their monthly budgets as you are. Carpooling is an obvious option if one or more of your colleagues live in your area. Work out a ride schedule and share the expenses. The same goes for nights out, ask for a lift whenever it’s feasible.
    • Think about ride-sharing options. Ride-sharing is just like carpooling, except that you don’t necessarily know the people you’re riding with. Most often, you’ll meet each other through a ride-sharing app. The bonus with ride-sharing is that it makes it possible for you to find a lift even if there isn’t anyone from work in or around your neighborhood.
    • Consider using public transport options such as the Gautrain or Uber if you seldom use your car.
    • If you drive long distances to work, it’s vital to up your car’s fuel efficiency. If you aren’t already driving a car that’s light on petrol, think about changing your model. If this isn’t possible, increase fuel efficiency by removing all unnecessary weight from the car (such as golf clubs or other items which you often carry around but don’t use daily), keeping the windows closed and switching off the air-con.
    • Keep an eye on maintenance. Tyres that aren’t pumped up properly, for instance, can hinder fuel consumption. So, too, can driving with your windows open or carrying the additional equipment you don’t need.
    • Use tech to your advantage. That might mean hooking up your laptop so that you can work from home, even just a few days a week, or using apps such as Waze to help you find the quickest, least congested route to work.
    • Stop-start traffic uses more fuel, so plan your commute times to avoid heavy traffic.
    • Go easy on the accelerator. Fast driving also uses more petrol.
    • Shop around for the cheapest insurance but don’t forgo insurance entirely. Your monthly premiums may be a grudge, but they’re less of a financial burden than having to replace a stolen car.