Residents learn healthier options


Project Lima joins forces with Lasher to keep providing fresh vegetables to Diespsloot.

Fresh fruit, vegetables and a selection of legumes are the mainstays of a healthy, balanced died. But for many South Africans living below the poverty line, such basics have become above their means.

As a result, many people rely on low-priced store-bought food such as maize meal, heavily processed meat, white sugar, and refined cooking oils as their go-to staples – a combination which can lead to malnutrition, as a result of the poor nutritional value of these foodstuffs. Areas like Diepsloot, in Johannesburg, experience high levels of unemployment often as a result of poor education or skillsets to find jobs.

It’s for this reason that Lasher has offered its support to help kick-start Project Lima, an ambitious food-growing initiative that aims to facilitate the planting of vegetable gardens in every home in Diepsloot. The word lima means to plant or grow in isiZulu. Project Lima was initiated by Colin Ekman, who began working with Pastor Setumo Dlothi of God’s Will Faith Ministries and two other churches to come up with a strategy to grow vegetables in Diepsloot.

Lasher, the manufacturers and supplier of quality hand tools in the gardening, DIY, agriculture, construction and mining industries in South Africa, was inspired by Lima and the two organizations recently joined forces.

Lasher believes that by upholding its mandate to provide tough, reliable tools guaranteed, it will continue to grow the economy, not only through job creation but also by providing quality tools to industries and entrepreneurs.

Project Lima phase 2 – food gardening training and seedling planting was recently introduced at God’s Will Faith Ministry Church in Diepsloot. Lasher commercial director Ian Livingston explained how they contributed on the day.

“Lasher stepped in by donating the necessary tools as well as by paying for two days of training on soil preparation and composting.

“The tools donated together with the two-day training was vital to the success of this project, If the soil preparation and composting are not done correctly, vegetables will not grow.

“The soil in Diepsloot is very hard and you need the right training and correct tools to get the job done.”


Livingston also confirmed that Lasher will maintain a strong relationship with Project Lima, “Lasher will definitely stay in touch with the Project Lima Team Leaders to see if further assistance is needed.

“Food security and the environment are just two of the areas that have been identified as opportunities for Lasher to make meaningful contributions to growing South Africa.”


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