Zimbabwe in a Financial Crises


The International Monetary Fund (IMF) says Zimbabwe has the highest inflation rate in the world.

The United Nations’ special rapporteur on the right to food Hilal Elver has said that man-made starvation is slowly making its way into Zimbabwe.

Ij[With high unemployment, food shortages and rolling power blackouts, is the country’s economy nearing collapse?

Human Rights lawyer and activist based in Harare Doug Coltart joins Bongani Bingwa to speak about what is happening in Zimbabwe.

The situation in Zimbabwe is really bad on multiple fronts and it is bad as its been in a decade. The hyperinflation is making general life in Zimbabwe so difficult to operate for anyone.

— Doug Coltart, Human Rights lawyer and activist – Harare

He says the situation is so bad that people’s savings have decimated and there is nothing left.

For the generation older than me, this is the second time in their lives that they lost their entire savings. The human rights abuses this year, have just escalated through the roof in terms of people being shot in the street by the military and over 50 abductions, the situation is really bad.

— Doug Coltart, Human Rights lawyer and activist – Harare

The situation is so bad that government teachers who are professionals and have been to university are earning less than $30 a month, he says.

These professionals can barely buy enough mealie meal to get them through the month on a salary like that. While hyperinflation is running salaries are not keeping up and government employees are suffering more than anyone else.

— Doug Coltart, Human Rights lawyer and activist – Harare

There is no way that people in Zimbabwe can get fuel without queuing for hours, Coltart explains.

Unlike in 2008 when the shops were empty, this time around, the shops are full but the prices are so high that no one can actually buy what is in the shops.

— Doug Coltart, Human Rights lawyer and activist – Harare


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